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    (Life Insurance)
    I've been working with your company for five years now. The leads I purchase from your company on a regular basis are the best I have ever had. The prospects are usually home when I go to see them and they are actually interested in what I have to say. I've even sold two life policies recently! Thanks for offering quality leads.
    Zane J., Hillsborough FL

    (Medicare Supplement)
    I was so tired of people being rude when I was embarking on a cold calling campaign. I understand their annoyance, but I didnít know what else to do. Then I found your company and now I only spend time contacting people who want to see me to get Medicare benefits that can help them. Also thank for assigning me to a dedicated representative to help me through this process!
    Blake L., San Bernardino CA

    (Life Insurance)
    I am up to a 38% average for closing sales now that I am using your company for my leads. I never thought this would be possible. Thank you for proving me wrong.
    McKayla R., Houston TX

    (Medicare Supplement)
    I've been working with you for three years now and have maintained a nearly 50% success rate with my sales leads. Anyone in sales knows how difficult that can be! Open enrollment has been something to look forward to, and I canít wait to sell more policies.
    Lei M., St. Louis MO

    (Medicare Supplement)
    Your company supplies the best leads! All it took was going to one of your preset appointments leads for me to become a believer. I will never revert to my old cold calling tactics again. You've saved me so much time and helped me increase my Medicare supplement sales. I am hopeful the numbers will continue to rise!
    Gary B., New York NY

    (Reverse Mortgage)
    I was nervous about starting a sales job, but using your company I have had nothing except success. Thank you for providing such quality reverse mortgage leads. My prospects never act offended and listen to what I have to say without having already made up their mind before I start talking, which has always been a fear of mine. Thanks for making my new job what it is. I hope to keep growing and I will be using you every year. Thanks!
    Margaret S., Ralegh NC

    (Reverse Mortgage)
    I can't believe how wonderful this company has been working with. I have a completely revitalized view of telemarketing lead potentials now. I thought it would be a waste of time and money, but I've never been so wrong about something. These leads have taken the sales of my agents to a new level. We are all thrilled.
    Anastasia M., Seattle WA

    (Life Insurance)
    I purchased life insurance leads through you for the first time two years ago and had a 1 out of 3 sales rate with the first set and have recently closed a rate of 50%! Anyone in sales knows that rate is hard to achieve, but with you, I've managed to do it. I couldn't be happier with the experience I've had with this company and the sales I've had as a result. I will be using the company again and again as I need new leads and will never need to look for another lead company again. My past experiences with other companies weren't great so I am thankful I finally found a good company to work WI
    Timmy R., Oklahoma City OK

    (Medicare Supplement)
    I recommend this company for Medicare lead generation needs as often as I can. I want other people to realize that great results can come from telemarketing campaigns and the tactic is not as outdated as it seems to be. People want to hear from friendly and informative telemarketers not the pushy salesmen of the past. I will be placing an even larger order with this company soon and I can't wait to get started with it.
    Bill G., Albany NY

    (Home Care)
    You won't find another company out there that is as good as this one. People are great. Home CARE Leads are great. My sales have been even better. Wonderful company to work with and I will be back for sure.
    Andrea S., San Diego CA

    (Data List)
    Thanks guys for your lead, support, I was successful using your telemarketing lists for last 7 years, I do like your customer service, but most importantly that all telemarketing and mailing sales leads are exclusive.
    George B., Durham NC

    (Data List)
    Lisa R. Wichita KS

    (Reverse Mortgage)
    I just got to the ďAha MomentĒ in buying your leads. I usually do not provide feedback on my lead services, but you asked and I will be honest. Your leads are great. They have increased my overall sales ratio. These leads are generated for a Reverse Mortgage which other lead companies I have tried did not pass the test. I will tell agents to expect the prospects to be fully qualified and expecting your visit. Hands down great leads. Iíve been with your company for only a year, and I am satisfied.
    James N. Ė Kansas City, Missouri
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