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  • Sales Associate offers high quality Medicare leads with seniors new to Medicare such as Turning 65 leads services within a certain criteria in the form of scheduled appointments or phone leads.

    If you want qualified exclusive prospects Sales Associate is your number 1 lead provider. We are your source for Turning 65 lead generation campaigns. We guarantee each prospect is interested and eligible to receive your services. We specialize in scheduling appointments and/or phone leads to assist you with increasing your sales ratio.

    You do not have to prospect anymore. Sales Associate is the number 1 lead originator. Daily we generate leads for insurance agents and schedule the contact according to your schedule request. Turning 65 leads are set within 24 hours on the days and times you are available to contact the prospect.

    There is no long term contract or set up fees. You pay for the minimum purchase of 20 Turning 65 leads and provide us detailed information of how you would like them to be delivered to you.

    We produce leads in real time, meaning the prospect is looking to speak to a Medicare insurance agent regarding getting signed up for a plan in the very near future.

    By Sales Associate finding clients that express an interest in finding out more about the products you are selling usually results in sales being made which helps expand your business.

    1) Sales Associate provides only quality and verified Medicare leads.

    2) You can customize your own schedule. (Days, times, amount of leads per day etc.)

    3) Forget cold calling and expensive mail prospecting.

    4) No long or short term contracts.

    5) All leads are exclusive, guaranteed and affordable.

    Our Leads are 100% EXCLUSIVE!
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